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Hi Friends!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I am SO happy you made it here! My name is Danika (Nika to some), I’m a wife, dog mom and nature lover living in the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I moved back to the PNW after living in Chicago for almost five years, and couldn’t be more excited for all the hiking/camping/nature excursions we’ve missed out on.

This is us.

After living with some undiagnosed medical issues for the past year and some change, I learned a lot of what I was dealing with was possibly due to my mental health.

I’m starting this blog to share a few things: * Nature in the PNW *DIY projects and Fashion *MENTAL Health tools!!

So, what’s next? I’ll be sharing the ways I’ve learned to cope/grow from my lowest moments of anxiety and some depression. I hope in some way, some of the things that have helped me, will be a tool for others! I am in no way a therapist or scientist when it comes to the brain and our bodies, but I fully believe in cognitive behavioral therapy and some forms of meditation... but if and only if you are willing to try!

I hope you stick around to see this page grow and can use some of these tools or fun side projects as inspiration in your own self-growth/life! Let me know what you think :)

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