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How we turned a Shed into our Home Office!

After having our son, our three bedroom home quickly become very small. Since Covid, we've both had periods of mainly working from home. We rarely used the tool shed other than to store a lot of junk from the prior owner. So, we decided to turn it into another useable space - our home office!

This was a multi step process, as we had to clear enough space in our garage for the tools we still utilized. Once that was done (probably took a few weekends) we were able to clear out the shed completely and see how much room we truly had to work with!

Mostly cleared out, shelves still needed to come out

Once we saw what we were working with, we realized we needed to paint the floors and add some windows for natural light. We used this gray paint from Amazon. I did two layers (because I'm a little OCD and wanted a nice coverage! It worked really well to have a long pole and roller.

Once the space was painted, we had to figure out how to install windows...not an easy task! Especially since we had a three month old baby at the time, and the windows took both my husband and I working together for the install. Luckily, after tracing the space, the siding was fairly easy to cut through, but cutting the interior wood took a little more work. We had to shave off wood in order to get both windows to fit properly. It didn't look pretty in the process, but they turned out amazing. Any area in which the seal had holes, we were able to put wood caulk in, and then frame out.

I can't find the exact window link - but these are very similar to the ones we used. Home Depot also had a few options, but they were almost double the price.

When the windows were in (this process took roughly two weeks of on and off work), we decided to stain the wood beams that we're already in place in the shed. I used this stain, that we already had from another project.

I ended up doing two coats for a darker look. I would recommend doing this BEFORE painting the floors - as I ended up needing to do touch up work from drips!

We were then ready for bead board on the ceiling, insulation and dry wall! The insulation process was probably my Husbands least favorite part, he recommends wearing long sleeves, boots, gloves and goggles! This process took a long time too, as the cuts were not all created equally...which was pretty frustrating!

We found this bead board from Home Depot that worked really well. It was tricky to get the exact sizing accurate, as the ceiling was also no created equal!

At this point, we were paint ready! We had some left over paint from another project, but it was similar to this gray paint:

And the final touch my husband added (not necessary but so pretty) was the wood trim you'll see in some of these pictures! I'll leave links to the desk/rug and various items we added to make the home office more cozy. We LOVE THIS SPACE. My husband also uses it at night for a gaming room.

You can see we switched out the light for this super cool light from Etsy.

We also purchased two of these Wifi Extenders, one for the bedroom closest to our shed, and one inside the actual shed. This helps a TON for my signal since I'm on a lot of video calls for work!

Misc. Items:

Feel free to comment with questions about the process, we loved this project so much!

Please note some of these links are affiliate links!

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